Welcome to Zemco Technologies, the home of the smartest Covid-19 protective barrier, the Rodella shield!

The Rodella shield by

Zemco Technologies

is simple, yet

clever and versatile.

Designed to be re-oriented instantly in order to fit desks of different heights and widths.

The Rodella Shield

can be mounted

in "landscape" mode

It can also be reoriented

in "portrait" mode

in order to fit different

heights and size counters

and desks

Widest clearance of

any other freestanding

shield in the market

Widest clearance of

any other freestanding

shield in the market

At the same time there is no need

for screws or drilling or hanging

wires and bulky metallic braces

and/or frames made

out of aluminum.

Slim and elegant, it becomes part

of the esthetics of your

work area or office.

There is no need

to make your business

look awkward and ruin

the looks of your decor.

Provide maximum protection,

and make sure you're safe,

so your employees and clients can continue

to carry out important business

during the next critical months or years,

until vaccinations begin

and the Covid-19 crisis

comes to an end.

Fits most counters

and desks.




Zemco Technologies will seek to develop smart

and intelligent solutions to protect our communities.

In the months and years to come

we will provide information and support,

and offer new innovations to all our customers,

we will evolve in order to lead the way

in to a better, safer and a thriving future.

Get ready to reopen your business. Make sure your employees and customers are safe.

Call us now.

Let's work together to guarantee your business

does well through this period. 

Email us at:  zemco.info@gmail.com

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Ideal for medical clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, banks, food stores,

restaurants, all retail outlets, coffee shops, offices etc..

The "Rodella" provides an additional protection from droplets coming from coughs

and sneezes and delays the spread of airborne viruses and germs.