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This is who we are.

Covid-19 brought unexpected challenges for many, some became the casualties of the economic

and the health implications that have been the result of the pandemic.

Several people in every community around the world took action to implement various forms of defense,

both in the economic, and the human health fronts.

Many businesses now actively engage in the manufacturing, services, and information sectors, against the spread

of this global, deadly, and socially disrupting virus.

Zemco Technologies was founded to serve and accommodate consumers in these difficult and turbulent times.


Our featured product.

Currently the first product that has been conceived by our in-house designers and health professionals,

is the Rodella Covid-19 shield.

Though in the days and months to come our staff will continue to design new products and create new services,

the Rodella, for now, is our improved and extremely practical version of other shields that are currently in the market.

It's key features and advantages, although subtle, add a lot more value to a product that otherwise would become

a headache and a nuisance to most who are in need for it.

Well doesn't have to be.

We aimed to make the protection that the Rodella provides, and the visual look of it, almost completely invisible......

.....just like the enemy it is protecting us from.


Our goal here at Zemco Technologies is to bring practical, easily implemented solutions to everyday problems

that people from all parts of our society will face in the coming months as a result of the pandemic.

We want to serve and to excel, in prevention and health protection with logical, simple,

safe and creative innovations. 

Our mission.

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